The Importance Of Social Strategy For Retailers

The Importance Of Social Strategy For Retailers

Here are 6 tips for getting your social presence right: 1. Develop your social strategy – Once you’ve understood the value of social media for your e-commerce platform, you need to define your strategy. Which social channels are going to be the most effective, how often and when do I post content, what does that

7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Website Domain Name

Once you’ve made the decision to start your own business you then need to give it a name. Before you do that though its important to make sure that the domain name you want for your website is available and that it matches your company name.  Domain names are really important for search engines like

Do I Need To Optimise My Website For Use On Mobile?

It is over 10 years since the world was introduced to the smartphone and this is certainly one invention that has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. The 2018 Consumer Survey by Deloitte showed that 89% of the Australian population own and use a smartphone. A Neilson study in 2018 also showed that

Why Do I Need A Website?

Every year trillions of dollars are spent online by consumers around the world – thats one reason you need a digital presence for your business. The internet is also the easiest way to engage with your target audience and its is the fastest way for you to launch and then grow your business. Let’s look