7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Website Domain Name

Once you’ve made the decision to start your own business you then need to give it a name. Before you do that though its important to make sure that the domain name you want for your website is available and that it matches your company name. 

Domain names are really important for search engines like Google, Bing etc so you need to make sure it is similar to your business name for when people start searching for you.

To help out we have pulled together our top 7 tips for choosing and securing the best domain name that fits with your brand:

  • Make it simple and unique – Domain names should be easy to pronounce and remember. Keep your name as short as possible and avoid punctuation like dashes. Come up with a few options so you are not wedded to one name in particular – this will ensure you have a better chance of securing a unique domain that you like across all your channels. Also, make sure the name is unique and describes your service or product – this is important for search engine results.
  • Try not to let emotion rule your decision – its important to remember that you are naming a business here and not your dog. The decision on your company and domain name needs to be a business based decision and not an emotionally one. Make sure you are taking the needs of the business into consideration when choosing the domain name.
  • Check availability of the name across all channels – once you have checked to make sure your chosen domain name is available for your website you should check if it is unique and available across social platforms. It’s all well and good having a catchy domain for your website but if someone is already using it on facebook with a pretty established business then this could cause problems when customers are searching for you online.
  • Do a Trademark search – a domain name is not intellectual property so its worthwhile conducting a Trademark search to make sure your chose business name is not similar to another trademarked business.
  • Check the domain name history – has your domain name ever been used before by another company that is now defunct? Worth checking the history especially within your own industry to make sure it hasn’t been used before.
  • Aim for .com – if you are a local business with no plans to launch internationally then a local URL should be fine but if you plan on doing business globally then we recommend securing a .com domain. This is globally recognised and easy to find. If you are not for profit then go for .org and education .edu. If you go with a .com domain you could also secure the local domains for any other markets you plan to operate in e.g. .com.au / .co.uk. Another consideration is to purchase the domain names for any common misspellings of your site and have them re-direct to your website – this will help to make it really easy for consumers coming to your website.
  • What if my chosen domain name is not available? Dont painc – if someone else has your domain name you could look to purchase from the person or business that owns it. Most likely this will cost you money but it could be worth it in the long run. 

At joma we specialise in helping start ups and new businesses grow and we offer custom support to get your digital presence set up and ready for business. As part of this support package we can secure your domain name, design your website, set up your emails and your social media presence and provide advise on how to grow your business digitally. If you would like a free consultation feel free to reach out to us at help@jomadigital.com or visit our website for further information www.jomadigital.com.


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