The Importance Of Social Strategy For Retailers

Here are 6 tips for getting your social presence right:

1. Develop your social strategy – Once you’ve understood the value of social media for your e-commerce platform, you need to define your strategy. Which social channels are going to be the most effective, how often and when do I post content, what does that content look like and what are my goals? Pull together a social schedule so you have a framework of when and what content you are posting out to your social channels.

2. Create a brand voice for your social channels – once you have decided what social channels to focus on you need to create a brand voice and grow your following. Use your creativity to build a tone and design for your pages – try to stand out from the crowd with your brand and ensure consistency in tone and design across your channels.

3. Use your website to promote your social channels and vice-versa – A call-to–action is a fundamental ingredient of any successful e-commerce venture and social media is no exception to the rule. Use a call-to-action icon to promote your social media accounts on your website to encourage users to share your content easily. Even if a customer doesn’t buy anything from your website if they like your Facebook page they may buy at a later date. Make sure you link back to your website from all your social pages too.

4. Promote social to your email database – if you have an email audience then make sure you include links to your social pages on your mail outs and newsletters. If you send out newsletters you should also add a sign up form to your social channels as well.

5. Deliver value with your posts – content is king and the type of content you post on your social channels is really important in helping to grow your following and to become relevant. As an etailer you could use social channels to deliver special offers on specific days of the week to help create FOMO for your followers and ensure they keep coming back to check out your pages. This again should feed into your social schedule for what you are posting and when.

6. Keep the positive conversation going – social channels are great for instant dialogue with consumers. Make sure you respond to messages and all posts where possible especially any negative feedback you receive. It’s important to address any complaints straight away so you look like you care about your customers and the service they receive – this will help to protect your online reviews.

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