How to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Strategy?

What is a lead? Essentially anyone who might be interested or predictively fall within a measurable interest group for a particular product or service.

Now what makes a good lead generation strategy? PPC, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads and many more words pop into the mind when we think about ways to generate leads online, but with so many options what actually works? Well…

Do Your Research: As advocated by digital sales and marketing specialist ‘HubSpot’ (, ‘Buyer Research’ is a essential to successfully understand who and where to target your product or services. When they say ‘Know Your Buyer’, they mean find out more information about your intended audience, most importantly what is the right place and time to present your product or service to a buyer or lead. This is going to give you the best possible chance of conversion. What is your ideal demographic? What online channels are they typically using and what time of day are they looking for the type of product or service you offer? Data is king!

Right Audience, Right Message: Once you understand who your target audience is you need to develop a communication startegy. If your product offering appeals to different types of audiences then you should communicate with them in a way that appeals to the specific demographic. Having a separate digital marketing and social media marketing strategy for each audience category is advisable and this will allow you to maximise conversion from your online media spend. You need to adapt your communication strategy based on where the customer is in your sales cycle. The communication you have with a customer that has never heard of your brand before vs someone who has previously purchased your products should look very different and understanding this and adapting your comms as a result is going to make a huge difference to your ability to generate leads.

Choose the Right Media Channel: You need to find the best possible channels and mediums to reach the ears and eyes of your target audience. For example, if you are targeting teenaged girls with a hair accessory product, the chances are you will find this audience on Instagram or Snap rather than Facebook. Select the right channels and mediums by understanding your audience and what platforms they are using, then create engaging content to start the conversation.

Create Engaging Content: If data is King then content is Queen. Making it meaningful and entertaining boosts your chances to be heard. People want to be entertained but brands face a huge amount of competition for the attention of consumers so you need to make your content engaging and rewarding for your consumers.

Incentivise Your Audience: Whats in it for me? Ask any economics enthusiast and he or she would immediately voice out the magic of incentives. With sizeable competition in any market its a smart move to incentivise your audience to engage with your brand. Give a small incentive where the value is far lower than your lead acquisition cost but still meaningful to the customer is a great way to develop leads and move them further down your sales funnel. 

Analyse, Optimse and Re-target: So you’ve set up your Instagram and Facebook Ads and PPC is rolling. Google Ads are pitch perfect. Your Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing strategy are looking good. What next? Well, you need to analyse the data – without analytics, you won’t be able to optimise, you won’t know what is working and what isn’t. Analytics can precisely show you the exact spots that spiked or diminished your audience’s interest. Make sure you have analytics implemented across all your campaign activity so you can effectively track the interactions of your audience with your ads and landing pages. This will provide you will valuable information to optimise campaigns whilst live and then allow you to improve for the next launch. For the consumers that interacted with your landing pages and ads but didn’t convert? Not to worry….this audience is still really valuable. They have engaged with your brand and something caught their eye. With the right tracking implemented at the start of thee campaign you will be able generate an audience pool of engaged consumers that you can then re-target in future to bring them back through your sales funnel.

These are a few tips we have found will help you develop a more effective lead generation strategy for your business. A joma digital we specialise in lead gen tactics for brands in all sorts of categories developing high converting sales funnels that deliver on both leads and sales. We understand the current market trends in Digital Marketing and possess years of experience doing the same things over and over again to develop our “Best Practices”. If you need assistance we would love to help – please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and see how we can transform your online business.


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